Tuesday 19 January 2016

#ChrisBrown Admits To Murdering The ‘Person’ He Used To Be — See The Instagram

Chris Brown is a changed man, you guys! The singer is working hard to prove that his new image as a doting dad is the real deal, and he took to Instagram to let everyone know it once again. See his message here!
The old Chris Brown, 26, is no more! After years of trouble, the 26-year-old is working hard to become a reformed man, and he left his old self completely in the past with this brand new Instagram post. Do you believe him this time!?

“I murdered the person I used to be,” Chris captioned a photo of himself, clearly referencing his troubled past, which included jail time, other legal issues and so much more. Now, the singer is focused on being a dad to his little girl, Royalty, and even named his most recent album after her. She’s clearly the light of his life these days, and it seems Chris is looking to keep on the straight and narrow as 2016 heats up.

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