Saturday 23 January 2016

I enjoy having #sex with #sheep, I have no sexual feeling for humans – 15-year-old boy reveals } DailyPost

A 15- year old boy, Miracle Oluebube Nweke, who according to reports was recently caught by a friend while he was allegedly having sex with a sheep, has confessed he enjoys the act.

The teenager who is alleged to be a member of Assemblies of God Church in Nnewichi-Nnewi, Anambra state, was arrested after his friend reportedly raised the alarm after he was caught in the act. He, on apprehension, explained to MetroNaija why he is engaged in zoophilia and bestiality.

Nweke, a native of Eziagu in Enugu state, confessed that he had been engaging in sodomy for a while but was never caught.

According to him, he knew that it was not normal but he could not help himself. He said anytime he had a sexual urge, a strange voice would lead him to where he would get a tethered sheep which he would loose and drag to an uncompleted building to have sex with it.

On sighting any sheep, he would engage, first, in sexual fixa tion otherwise called zoophil ia before graduating to raping it otherwise called bestiality or sodomy, Nweke revealed.

He was in the middle of the act this week in the South East when his friend walked into him and raised the alarm which made the vigilante operatives to go after him and arrested him subsequently.

Following his arrest by the Edoji, Uruagu-Nnewi vigilante group after which he was subjected to a round of investigation, he said, “I am the first of seven male children of my parents, I dropped out of school after my primary 6. I then started learning painting. But, that too is not going well.

“My father, Mr Sunday Nweke, is a trader at Fairly Used Market, Mgbuka in Nnewi while my mother, Mrs Ndide Nweke sells banana and groundnut in our neighbor hood.

Speaking further, the zoophilic teenager said he usually looks for sheep tied in the farms and bushes to graze whenever he has urge to have sex.

“Whenever I get any sheep of my choice, I untie it from the spot where the owner has left it and take the sheep to a secluded uncompleted building and have sex with it. I don’t do anything else with the sheep than that. I nor mally make sure that no one is around watching while doing it because I know that the own ers of the sheep may not like it.

“But it gives me great pleasure whenever I have sex with sheep. I have never tried any other kind of animal to know the difference. My experience of having sex with sheep is sweet,” he noted.

Asked if he had affiliation with occultic groups, the teenager categorically stated that he is a Christian of the Assemblies of God Church in Nnewichi-Nnewi who will not steal anything from anybody and that he does not belong to any cult but only have friends whom he plays football with.

“The last time, our landlady accused me of stealing her money when she actually securely locked her doors and windows. How could I have entered her house?

“But I know she was just trying to eject my parents after the news got to her that I usually sleep with sheep which she considered atrocious. I don’t steal and I don’t molest children. I am not a criminal,” he explained.

The 15-year old added that he had been involved in the act for some time stating that his attraction is just for sheep and that he does not have sexual urge towards women, men, children or any other kind of animal.

“This is not the first time I did it. Nobody would have known that I am into that if not that one of my friends, Dede, saw me this time around and raised the alarm and these people started pursuing me with their gun and I had to stop running because I did not want them to shoot me. If not they wouldn’t have caught me.”

On why he let himself get so involved in such an awkward act, Nweke blamed evil spirit for being responsible for his sexual depravity.

“There is a spirit that normally tells me to go and look for sheep and whenever I hear the commanding voice of the spirit, it becomes irresistible for me to take away my eyes from sheep.

“I will be so restless and confused until after I have carried out the instruction of the unseen spirit.”

Asked if he has regrets now that he has been caught in the act, the boy answered in the affirmative but that he could not say categorically that he would not do it again.

The vigilante operatives led by one Okeke, when asked on what becomes of the arrested boy, said that he would be released to his parents noting that the 15-year old boy would not be handed over to the police.

“You will agree with me that this is not a criminal case and I don’t think it is necessary to start wasting our time and that of the police by taking this boy to the station.

“We will release him to his parents so that they can go and find spiritual solutions to his problems. This is more of a spiritual case than security matter,” Okeke added.

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