Thursday 7 January 2016

Okitipupa: A town in search of redemption - TheNation

It was the home of multi-million naira Oluwa Glass Company as well as a highly prosperous oil palm firm. The companies employed thousands of indigenes and non-indigenes of the ancient town and contributed in no small measures to the nation’s economy. Today, Okitipupa is in the throes of darkness, unemployment, armed robbery and poverty. Assistant Editor, SEUN AKIOYE, visited the once promising community and reports on

Okitipupa is in darkness, literally. The darkness has endured for eight months since the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) decided to play a fast one on the residents. Its inhabitants can only wring their hands in desolation and gnash their teeth in the darkness.

Yet darkness is not the first thing you notice if you enter the town in daylight. The one that would probably strike you first is that the town lacks a good restaurant.

“We don’t have many restaurants here. Everybody eats at home. Where will you get the money to eat in a restaurant? “Oh, you mean fast food (long laughter)? Forget it, my brother. There is nothing like that here, unless you go to Merry Suze. That’s the only place we eat,” said Idowu Adeola, a diploma holder who rides commercial motorcycle known locally as okada.

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