Saturday 9 January 2016

Parents lived with decomposing body of dead 7-year-old son for a month’ } TheSun

A COUPLE who lived with the dead body of their seven-year-old son for over a month have been charged with negligent homicide.

Bruce Hopkins, 39, said he had tried to give his son Caleb ‘alternative treatments’ because he and his wife did not believe in standard medicine.

Prosecuting lawyer Enrique Barata told the court: “The father explained he tried to give his son resuscitating manoeuvres, cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing but the child was unresponsive.”

He added that the Christian parents had “lost their sense of reality” although medical tests suggested that they were not mentally ill.

Mr Hopkins and his wife Schrell, 38, lived with their dead son and two other children, 12 and 14, in a rented flat in Girona, Spain where he worked nearby as an engineer.

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