Thursday 7 January 2016

‘Shades Of Blue’: #JenniferLopez’s New Drama Is Far More Than Just A Cop Show - HollyWoodLife

You know you can’t wait for JLo’s new show — but don’t expect just another blah show this time around. Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta shine in the premiere of ‘Shades of Blue,’ and while she’s portrayed a cop before, she says this one’s way different.
In NBC’s Shades of Blue, Jennifer Lopez takes on the role of a single mother and cop from Brooklyn who is caught being dirty, so she becomes an FBI informant. Her character, Harlee Santos, is then assigned to spy on her coworkers, while also raising her daughter. From someone who’s a huge fan of cop shows, I can tell you now — this isn’t like the other cop shows you’ve seen.

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