Thursday 28 January 2016

#TaylorSwift & Calvin Harris Split? Truth Behind Her Texts To Friends About Romance

Shake it off Taylor! Despite reports Taylor Swift seeks relationship advice from her friends, she and Calvin are a happy couple, a source insists to EXCLUSIVELY. So what DOES Taylor text her squad about? Keep reading to find out!
Taylor Swift 26, has an impressive list of close friends, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Lena Dunham. When Taylor texts them, though, it is not because she is having arguments with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris 32, says a source EXCLUSIVE to Here is the truth about the texts.

In March, Taylor and Calvin will have their one year anniversary and the source says, “Taylor is really happy with Calvin and the couple is stronger and happier than ever.” The reports that Taylor has been texting friends for love advice are wrong, says our source. “Taylor texts her friends all day but not for advice about Calvin, it is more about to share what’s going on and things are going great. She will not be writing any break-up songs about him anytime soon,” shares the insider.

The couple can finally be together now that Taylor is off tour. “Taylor has been spending a lot of time at Calvin’s Beverly Hills home recently,” the source explains.  “They have not yet moved in together cause they both enjoy their own space but they spend almost every day together. Taylor stops in regularly even if it is for a few minutes for a quick ‘pop over’ as Calvin likes to call it.”

Apparently the “pop overs” are a regular thing for the couple, “they help Taylor feel connected with Calvin. They are very committed to each other.” While they may only have time for “pop overs” during the day, “they spend most nights together,” explains the source, “which has been a lot lately.”

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