Monday 4 January 2016

Teen killer refuses to be deported to Nigeria, insists father is British - DailyPost

A certain 22-year-old man, Junior Bayode, born of a Nigerian mother and a British father, who is serving 11 years for manslaughter, is to be flown to Nigeria on his release but he insisted on remaining in the country, arguing that the British lifestyle is all he knows.

Bayode of Streatham, South London, according to Daily Mirror, was 16 when he took part in the mob stabbing of one Sofyen Belamouadden , 15, and was given 11 years for manslaughter in 2013.

The convict blasted jail chiefs over the decision to deport him when he is due to be freed in 2019.

He wrote to prisoners’ paper Inside Time from Moorland jail in Doncaster that he is “struggling to understand” why he is being deported.

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