Wednesday 17 February 2016

25 Times #EdSheeran Really Was the ''Nicest and Hardest Working Guy in the Industry''

Happy birthday, Ed Sheeran!

Since the "Thinking Out Loud" artist stepped on the music scene about five years ago, he has stolen our hearts like a thief in the night! With his sweet lyrics, humble demeanor and quietly determined ambition, the talented singer-songwriter has completely won the world over.
"I've always said that I wanna be known as the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry, so if I could be known as that that would be brilliant," Sheeran told SugarScape in 2012.
Well, so far, so good—not to mention he's been crazy successful along the way!

Fresh from winning two Grammys, Sheeran turns 25 today, and to commemorate the milestone we've come up with a list of 25 reasons why we think he has achieved his goal of becoming "the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry." (And BTW, how is it humanly possible for someone to have accomplished this much by only 25?! We got tired just writing this list...)

1. Ed performed his first gig at just 11! He has admitted that if he hadn't taken this scary step, performing Eric Clapton's "Layla," he would not be where he is now.

2. At 18, in just 2009 alone, Sheeran played over 300 live gigs. Yes, you read that right, almost every single day of the year! Talk about putting in work.

Talking about what pushed him to work so hard, Sheeran told the Daily Mail in 2012, "I gigged pretty much every day. My dad cut this article out about James Morrison. He said, "Look, this dude did 200 gigs in a year. He got the experience and then he got signed." My dad's attitude is to take someone you admire and not so much copy them as take their work ethic and do it twice as much.

3. His hard work earned him the respect of Elton John, who surprised Sheeran with a phone call in 2011. John has become something of a mentor to the talented redhead and Sheeran has said they still talk on the phone weekly.

4. Sheeran is not only the nicest guy in the world, he's also one of the most romantic. In 2015, he surprised a couple at their wedding to serenade them during their first dance.

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