Thursday 25 February 2016

#Beyonce, Topless & In Cornrows, Stuns On The Cover Of ‘Garage’ Magazine

Bey Hive — get excited! After staying off the stands for months, Beyonce will finally be back on our coffee tables soon by way of ‘Garage’ magazine! The star looks flawless as she elegantly graces the cover of the mag in atypical Beyonce fashion–  topless and with killer cornrows!
Beyonce, 34, is back on the cover of a magazine and is making quite a statement in the process. The cover, which features Bey sans makeup — and sans CLOTHING — is a beautiful look at a more natural version of the singer that we’re not always used to seeing. And as she dons thick cornrows, fans can’t help but think her hairstyle choice is a nod to her epic “Formation” vid.

Coming in hot, Beyonce is super fierce in her Garage cover, and we have to say, we LOVE her minimal look. Although we’re typically used to seeing the star all glammed up and ready to perform, getting a peak of her natural face and body is quite refreshing. And those cornrows? What a beautiful cultural statement! We certainly cannot wait for this magazine to hit stands.

And if releasing a tease of their cover star wasn’t enough, Garage made us freak out even MORE when they took to both Twitter and Instagram with a “Beyonce Speaks” graphic and the caption, “Coming soon.” Beyonce speaks? About WHAT? The anticipation is killing us!

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