Tuesday 23 February 2016

#BlacChyna’s Mom Threatens #KimKardashian’s Life In Crazy Rant: She Needs ‘Security’

Blac Chyna’s mom went on another insane rant, this time threatening Kim Kardashian’s life! Kim ‘better have security’ because Ms. Tokyo Toni is seriously promising to come after her. But why is Kim her target? Click through to see her frightening diss!
Kim Kardashian, 35, needs to watch her back and keep her guard up, because Blac Chyna‘s mother, Ms. Tokyo Toni (real name Shalana Hunter), made some terrifying promises in a bizarre Instagram post on February 23. Not only did Shalana bash Kim’s appearance — but she threatened to bash in Kim’s face, too. Click through to read her troubling rant!

Shalana began her insane post by rambling about the extensive plastic surgery she believes that Kim has had done. The picture shows a strange looking doll with messed up eyes, and way too much makeup — that’s supposed to be Kim. Well, Shalana decided to tell the world that she’d like to “rearrange” Kim’s face again!

“FAKE ASSISTANCE SOUTH BUCKET ASS B**CH!! SHE SET IT ALL UP!! IF I EVER SEE HER SHE BETTER HAVE SECURITY !!! @kimkardashian * You weak ass b**ch!! I am not a Hollywood hoe!! No handshakes or forgiveness hoe!! EVER IN THIS LIFE –YOU picked this sh*t…”

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