Saturday 20 February 2016

#ChrisBrown Pines For Karrueche Tran In ‘Back To Sleep’ Remix & Apologizes For ‘F**kin’ Around’ } HollyWoodLife

Chris Brown’s hot ‘Back to Sleep’ remix with Zayn Malik and Usher wasn’t just about some good, good loving; it was a desperate plea from Chris to get his girl Karrueche Tran back! What an apology!
Chris Brown, 26, unleashed what has to be the sexiest remix ever in the early hours of February 20, teaming up with Zayn Malik, 23, and Usher, 37, for a new version of “Back to Sleep.” The song, overwhelmingly about some raunchy plans for the bedroom, includes a surprising verse about Chris’ ex, Karrueche Tran, 27!
He just wants her to love him, according to the lyrics! Is he going to win her back?

Talk about a huge apology! Karrueche and Chris split over some huge cheating allegations, and the fact that they found out he had a child with another woman while they were together. It seems like they’re over for good, but Chris is trying his hard to change that! His verse in “Back to Sleep” isn’t about sex, or anything remotely NSFW! It’s a plea to Karrueche to finally forgive him:

Now where you been, it’s been a year
Baby I ain’t seen you
You know I miss you
Baby let me love you back to sleep once more
And I know we don’t speak no more
But I just wanna tell you I’m sorry
For f**kin’ around with Keisha and MaKayla
For all the Georgia peaches in Decatur
For all these b**ches in the elevator
I just want you to love me
Yeah baby don’t test me
You know I’ll do it
You want me to say your name girl?
Okay, Karrueche!

Wow! Chris must really be feeling the pain of not having Karrueche in his life if he’s willing to put it out there in a song. Is she going to listen to this and know how much she means to him? And is she even going to care? Chris broke her heart a number of time, cheating on her with women (who are apparently named Keisha and MaKayla). She may not want anything to do with him!

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