Thursday 4 February 2016

#Edo’s Central Hospital better than many in Europe — #Oshiomhole - vanguard

GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has said that the state’s 200-bed Central Hospital was more beautiful and would be better equipped than many hospitals in Europe and Asia.

Speaking during an inspection of the hospital, yesterday, the governor assured that the 200-bed Central Hospital which has attained 98 percent completion will be adequately maintained to ensure its durability and effective service delivery to the people.

He said: “When I said at the beginning that our intention was to build what I called a five-star hospital, most people tried to imagine what that meant, but I am sure that just looking at the building, I don’t know of any hotel in Nigeria, in terms of aesthetics, that has a better appeal than this. And this is the sort of thing you find in Europe, and some other advanced economies. If you are in the 21st century, begin to think as if you are in the 22nd century because the world has changed and it will keep changing. The pace of change will keep accelerating.”

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