Monday 1 February 2016

End of the world prediction sparked by discovery of #Egyptian Queen mother's tomb - Mirror

The remains of the Queen Mother of Egypt which had its skull bashed in was found on an ancient burial site and could spell disaster for earth

Archaeologists probing the burial site of an ancient Egyptian royal family say a "black patch" in the history of the world has been unearthed.

Now they say disaster could strike and ruin could ensue on earth due to the similarities between the present and the past.

The team from the Czech Institute of Egyptology found the tomb of Old Kingdom queen Khentkaus III, who was married to the Pharaoh Neferefre, late last year.

They say the 'Queen Mother's' remains were found with her skull bashed in - not as a result of murder - but by tomb raiders.

Now they're analysing the remains and say that elements of their life 4,500 years ago pays startling similarities to life on earth today.

Egypt's pyramids and Sphinx are some of the country's most famous landmarks
According to researchers, Egypt was incredibly affluent while Khentkaus III was alive.

But within two centuries of her death, the Nile dried up and climate change completely destroyed the kingdom leading to the disintegration of the state.

Experts believe the same thing could happen in the near future with the rising impact of climate change.

Professor Miroslav Barta said: "It was a crucial period when the Old Kingdom started to face major critical factors: The rise of democracy, the horrific impact of nepotism and the role played by interest groups.

"This contributed to the disintegration of the era of the pyramid builders.

"Without reasonable floods, there were no reasonable harvests and therefore very bad taxes; without appropriate taxes there were no sufficient means to finance the state apparatus and maintain the ideology and integrity of the state."

Along with the remains of the royal family archaeologists also discovered ancient artifacts including pottery which can be carbon dated to give accurate information about the past.

Now Professor Barta says the find will offer up information from history that can help present day man learn insisting humankind has not changed much since its inception.

He also warned people not to be complacent due to advances in technology insisting it is important to learn from history .

He told CNN: "You can find many paths to our modern world, which is also facing many internal and external challenges.

"By studying the past you can learn much more about the present. We're not different [from them]. People always think 'this time it's different,' and that 'we're different'. We are not.

"If we accept collapse as a fact, we will understand collapses as being a part of the natural course of things, and one of the needed steps in the process leading towards 'resurrection.

"Then, we shall be able to do something about it."

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