Wednesday 10 February 2016

I Will Not Go Down Alone; I Will Sink This Boat - President #Jonathan to #PDP

Even as the president gets ready for his final trip to Otuoke, the last trip that would have his presidential conveyance give him the final salute then turn away to serve another commander-in-chief, retrospective observations are in order.

Will the president be getting a hero's welcome in Otuoke? Dele Sobowale says no. For the people of Otuoke, Jonathan's return would be deemed premature, as it is an unhappy turn of events that has dictated his return in 2015 - four years early.

However, home is home, and when we are done with our worldly dealings, we must return home, and home - as is characteristic of it - must accept us in, irrespective of its misgivings.

Dele Sobowale describes the incumbent as a 'political undertaker,' one determined to go down with as many people from his party as possible.

He [Jonathan] has been quoted as saying, in 2011: "You have given me your assurances of support but some of you are secretly campaigning for Atiku Abubakar. I can’t stand to be humiliated by you. I am the Captain of this boat. I am not going down alone. I am going to sink this boat and go down with all that are in it." He reportedly said this in 2011, at the 55th National Executive Committee Meeting of the PDP. (Quote cited from:’s-politics-smear)

In 2015, he makes good his promise. President Jonathan will not go down alone. "Afenifere is now in the graveyard for sure; so is OPC… Niger Delta Militants, as well as their “god-father”, Chief Edwin Clark, have a new battle on their hands," writes Sobowale.

Source: #Vanguard

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