Thursday 4 February 2016

#NickiMinaj Blasts #MileyCyrus In New Song ‘Down In The DM’ Remix — Listen

Wow, Nicki Minaj totally calls out Miley Cyrus in her new remix with Yo Gotti and it’s not pretty! She straight up says ‘Miley wuss good.’ Yikes, Miley better take cover and you won’t believe who else Nicki calls out!
Nicki Minaj is not done with Miley Cyrus. The rapper targets Miley in her new remix, “Down In The DM” with Yo Gotti and we bet Miley did not see this coming. The rapper’s expletive filled track makes a reference to the time they had major beef at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Guys, you have got to listen to this song!

This is so not safe for work but plug your headphones in and take a listen to 2016’s latest diss track. Here are some of the lyrics: “Felt them thick lips and got wood/He said, “Kylie wuss good?” I said, “Miley wuss good?”/I said, “Could you pay my bills like O’Reilly? Wuss good?”/I just sit back and observe/All these n***as/that I done curved/If it go down in your DM then baby boy, you lucky/Cause 99.9% of these f**kboys can’t fuck me/True!”

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