Wednesday 10 February 2016

#Pensioner who died during #sex is wheeled away on stretcher 'with #prostitute still attached'

A pensioner who died while having sex was wheeled out of his house by paramedics - with a prostitute reportedly still attached.

The shocking video, was has been shared thousands of times online, shows the man lying on a stretcher covered in a blue sheet.

Underneath the sheet, the outline of what is presumed to be a woman can be seen crouching underneath.

It is alleged that the elderly man was having sex with a prostitute when he died.

Although rare, men and women can get 'stuck together' during sex due to a phenomena known as 'penis captivus'.

This is where the muscles lining the vagina contract - most often during orgasm - and clamp down on the penis.

It usually only lasts for a few seconds and is much more common in animals than humans.

It is alleged that a prostitute was still attached to the man as he was wheeled away

It is thought the incident occurred in China although the exact location is not clear.

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