Wednesday 29 June 2016

Meet The Woman Who Believes She Is Jesus Christ | Photos

A Zimbabwean woman, Mrs Entrance Nyanyete, believes she is Jesus Christ. 

Residents of Mudzimu Unoyera Sect in Chatiza Village, Mashonaland Central’s Guruve District of Zimbabwe also believe the Messiah (Entrance Nyanyete) lives among them. 

On March 25 (Good Friday), newsmen were at her house but they met her mother Mai Maria (Mother Mary). Amidst some serious sobs, Maria said: “I had forgotten that it is Easter. You have actually reminded me of my child’s death. This is actually one of the most painful times of my life as it reminds me of the time white people overseas killed my child.” 

Her husband, known as “Baba Josefa” (Father Joseph), added: “You came here to ask about our Easter celebrations. See how painful it is to her? It is painful to celebrate because this is the day Jesus was killed.” 


Mai Maria told Sunday Mail that Jesus died 2,000 years ago and was reincarnated as Emmanuel Dzanagare Mudyiwa in 1939. Mudyiwa died in 1989 and the spirit entered her then 6-year-old daughter, Tepsy Nyanyete, in 1998. 

The sect believes Nyanyete, now 24, is Jesus, and refer to her as Jepsy Nyanyete, Jekia Mambo, Tenzi or Ishe Jesu. Zimbabweans have come to know her as ‘Girl Jesus’. 


Mrs Nyanyete said: “For us, every Friday is Easter and we remember how they killed my child many years back. We celebrate it in our own way, with our own rituals, which include crying, singing and dancing. 

“We are, however, grateful that Jesus came back, and this time, she will not die. She is not going away anymore. She is set to live forever and rule the earth.” 

Source: Naij

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