Wednesday 22 June 2016

'MUDDY DISGRACE' Music fans’ fury after heavy rain at Glastonbury causes 25 HOUR delays as organisers warn punters not to travel - TheSun

THOUSANDS of revellers heading for Glastonbury have been hit by huge delays caused by heavy rain and a four-car smash.

Music fans were urged by organisers to stay at home as some claimed they took a whopping 26 hours to arrive at Worthy Farm.

It led to Glasto chiefs urging revellers not to set off in cars, campervans and caravans to the site today.

Heavy rain in recent days turned main access routes into a quagmire.

Frustrated fan Alexandra Badwi revealed she took 25 hours to arrive at the world famous site – more than four times longer than expected.

She tweeted: “Seriously!! @GlastoFest @Policeatglasto our journey has hit 25 hrs, I am only driver in vehicle, no sleep! Comm is terrible!! Bad situ !!”

Oxfam volunteer Jim Barnes posted on Facebook: “We’ve been queueing in our van for 14 hours and we’re meant to be working for oxfam…. What’s the best way into purple parking?”

The early birds had failed to heed a warning from organiser Michael Eavis to delay their arrival until Wednesday morning.

He said: “We did ask people to come in later but we’ve had lots of early arrivals this year.”

A pile-up on one of the main roads into Glastonbury combined with heavy rain sparked travel chaos.

A four-car pile-up on the A303 near Stonehenge has added to the delays.

Two pals were pictured having a kick about in the road next to stationary traffic.

The car parks were due to open by 9pm on Tuesday evening but some revellers claimed they were not able to get in.

Zoe Jones posted on Facebook: "Can you tell us why we haven't even moved in two hours?

"I wouldn't mind if we were moving but they're obviously not letting anyone in from our direction."

Trisha Wells said: "It's horrendous. We have moved 0.8 miles since 7.30pm last night."

Police and the festival organisers pleaded with ticket-holders to delay their journeys until later on Wednesday.

A 6.30am update from the event said: "If you are coming to the Festival by car or campervan / caravan and have yet to begin your journey, please do not set off yet.

"If you have set off and have yet to reach the site, please stop somewhere safe and warm.

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