Friday 22 July 2016

#CélineDion Flawlessly Imitates #Rihanna, #MichaelJackson and More in Wheel of Musical Impressions - E!

There's no denying Céline Dion's status as a musical legend, but her own musical talents aside, it seems like she has a knack for impressions.

The "My Heart Will Go On" songstress appeared on The Tonight Show Thursday night and played Wheel of Musical Impressions with host Jimmy Fallon. Ariana Grande previously slayed in the game in which the guest has to perform a random selection of songs in the voice of other famous singers, but Dion might have stolen the victory crown right out from under her!

Dion's first time spinning the wheel resulted in her having to perform "Frère Jacques" in Cher's voice, and although Dion has prominent vocals of her own, she was able to nail down Cher's iconic vocals without a problem—like the legend that she is! Despite the random and hilarious song selection, Dion made the children's tune sound like an amazing song.

For her next cover, Drake's "One Dance," she enlisted Fallon to join her in a Michael Jackson-style version. Dion flawlessly combined "Smooth Criminal" with Fallon's cover of the Drake tune, and somehow viewers ended up with the duet of the century they never knew they needed.

Dion also performed "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" like Rihanna's "Work," and it caused us to wonder how it took so long for any of us to realize that the kindergarten song meshes perfectly with the R&B songstress' hit tune. Perhaps by chance or perhaps on purpose, it seems sing-a-long songs were the theme of the night, as Dion and Fallon also performed "C Is for Cookie"—but in the style of Johnny Cash. Naturally, Fallon covered the song flawlessly.

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