Friday 8 July 2016

Fans React To Burna Boy’s Vulgar #Freestyle On Tim Westwood’s ‘Crib Session’ - 360nobs

Burna Boy was a guest on Tim Westwood’s Crib Session where he dropped some bars off his famous patois style of music.

After holding the fort for fifteen minutes, Burna boy sampled a few songs such as Drake’s Controlla and Wizkid’s Ojuelegba.

Lyrics off his first three-minute freestyle flowed thus:

Nigga sucking dick for airplay, my life’s a movie like Netflix, laying down and smoking mary jane, my life’s a movie like Netflix, my spaz on your bitches say hello, niggas lose their bitches everyday, smoking that loud and their mellow.

Y’all niggas talking on hearsay, even feds hate, now my phone is tapped bitch I hang with the whole gang bitch I’m so bang bang, I’m so damn damn, smoke that bomb dang straight from Amsterdam, grams on grams, grams on grams on grams. grams on grams on grams…..

I’ll pull up on you like skirt, hundred thousand in my shorts, y’all niggas mission abort, I changed my car to new porsche, pull on you niggas like sports, hundred thousand in my shorts, feel like I just won a Grammy, y’all niggas can’t understand me, I might pull up in a Ferrari.

They don”t know.

Did you feel it or his lyrics just seem laced with mere vulgarity and no content? After all it’s just a freestyle. Share your thoughts.

Fans’ thoughts:

 Ayo Ibitayo1 – Man, I expected more. Burna is honestly a natural freestyler, like I’m pretty sure 95% of his songs are freestyles.

Millian868 – Man like burna, should have cut out some of this.

Datboi forthere – It does sound good on a track but sometimes it makes me cringe when he is rapping like a yard man and then you find out of Wikipedia that he was born in Nigeria. I’m not hating, he can do his thing but it is getting kinda jarring.

SAM UOENO – Just bare vibes.

Watch Burna Boy Freestyle on Tim Westwood’s Crib Session.

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