Tuesday 12 July 2016

'I knew I was adopted but it was a sugar coated story': Chanelle Hayes reveals her shock when she discovered her biological mother was murdered

Chanelle Hayes gave an emotional interview on Tuesday's Loose Women, as she revealed the day she found out her biological mum had been murdered.

The Big Brother star told the ITV show that it was only when she ran away from home as a rebellious teen that her adoptive parents told her the truth.

Chanelle admitted in the candid chat: 'I always grew up knowing I was adopted...but it was a sugar coated style of story.'

Speaking to the Loose Women panellists, she said: 'I knew I was adopted. They [Chanelle's adopted parents] did a scrapbook for me with pictures of my mum and sisters.'

She went on to explain that when she reached her teens she rebelled against her parents:

'I feel terrible about it. I put them through years of hell. I would run away, I would take vodka into school.'

When Loose Woman Janet Street Porter asked if she was 'blackmailing' her parents in the hope they would tell her the truth about her biological parents, Chanelle agreed:

'I suppose I was. "It's not even your family why won't you tell me." They always said I was too young to find out what happened. They put up a wall.'

'I took loads of tablets, self-harm, suicide-like behaviour. I moved out and went to my friend's house. And finally they relented, and my mum came round and she told me everything.'

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