Wednesday 13 July 2016

Ladies Listen: If Your Man Shows These 6 Signs, He is a Womanizer

Listen very well ladies, if you want to know if your husband or boyfriend is a womanizer or not, then you must read this. 
According to sexpert, Dr Pam Spurr here are six signs that man claiming to adore you might be a good womanizer and the earlier you know the signs, the better for you.
1. He makes you feel so special – You can hardly believe it, he’s so into you! You’ve just met and yet he’s dishing out attention like sweets. It is 24/7 and pretty intense.
But watch out, passion burns out quickly with this ‘too much, too soon’ type of guy. Be warned, he can easily switch off the attention as quickly as he switched it on.

2. Just the two of you – You’ve been meeting up, probably had some pretty hot sex, the next step would be to meet his friends.
But there is no sign that’s going to happen. The thing is, this is just about you, him, and a good time.
Unless you happened to meet him when he was with his mates in a pub or clubbing, womanisers avoid mixing their temporary flings with their friends.
3. Watch his eye-line – You can’t quite guess what’s happening but you have a sixth sense that when he’s chatting to you he’s also scanning the room. Unfortunately he could be on the lookout for other women.
If you get this sixth sense then watch his eye-line – does it always look up when, e.g., the pub door opens? As a womaniser he can’t resist checking for other talent.
4 He’s great with women – You can’t fail to notice he’s great with women. He was great with your friends on that first night you met him at the pub.
He always has a compliment for waitresses and bar staff. He seems to understand and love the company of women.
That’s the problem: he attracts women, he’s attracted to them, and you’re probably one of many.
5. You can’t pin him down – You’ve had a couple good times, you’ve had lots of messages from him. You’re telling your friends – even mum – all about him.
But suddenly he goes off-radar. He’s hard to pin down and you don’t know what’s happening. Sadly he’s probably already losing interest.
6. Places to go, people to see – What happened that first time you met? You two laughed and flirted over drinks. You swapped details.
But then he explained he was going to a party, or to a friend’s ‘thing’, or he already had other plans. Trust me, a womaniser always has lots of options. You’re only one option.
Any of these signs ring a bell? Then beware, he could be too hot to handle. If however you’re up for a good time, happily single, and not looking for love, he could be perfect.
Womanisers can make great part-time boyfriends or bonk-buddies as long as you’re singing from the same page.
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