Tuesday 19 July 2016

Shocking! Female Student Gang-r*ped and Left for Dead by the Same People Who Brutally R*ped Her 3 years Ago (Photo)

About five heartless men have cruelly r*ped and innocent girl they r*ped 3 years ago after trailing and catching up with her near a bush.

A woman who was brutally r*ped and dumped in a bush in India has revealed that it was the same five men who first r*ped her three years ago that r*ped her again.

Revealing details about the r*pe, the victim – a 20-year-old college student from India’s lowest caste – was dragged inside a car, drugged and then assaulted.

She believes the men attacked her a second time because she refused to drop a court case against them for the 2013 assault.

The Sun reports that she was first attacked when she and her family lived in Bhiwani. Two of those men were arrested, only to be released on bail.

After this, she and her family relocated 30 miles east to the city of Rohtak in order to escape them.

The attackers’ families attempted to settle the case out of court – but their £56,000 offer was refused by the woman.

Her brother told the Hindustan Times: “We had filed a case in the court for the arrest of the remaining three and re-arrest of the two out on bail.

“We were getting constant threats from the accused to reach a compromise outside the court, but we remained firm. That’s why they have attacked her again.”

From her hospital bed, she told local broadcaster NDTV: “I came out of college and there were those very five men in the car.

“Three were inside and two of them were outside.”

Police said they were planning to register a case against the accused and a team was travelling to Bhiwani to investigate.

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