Tuesday 19 July 2016

Shocking! See the Six-Foot Python Killed at a Cemetery (Photos)

A mighty python was killed at a nearby farm while dangerously wandering out the bush threaded by people. 
The six foot python on display
A six foot python was overpowered by a brave individual at the old Aplaku Muslim cemetery near Bortianor in Ghana when it tried to escape after being spotted.

According to the man who gave his name as Alhaji, they had come there on Sunday morning to weed and clear out the Muslim cemetery when he detected movement at the far end leading to one of the walls. He said he rushed there only to find the huge python, stretched out and ready to fight him.

He narrates:
“As we were weeding, I noticed some movement in the grass towards the far end of the cemetery so I quickly rushed there to see what it was.

“To my surprise I found a huge snake starring straight at me and it had the height of a six foot human being and was much taller than me.

“I grabbed him by the tail and it started twisting ferociously putting up a brave fight trying to overpower me but I still held on even though I realised I was running out of energy.

“I shouted out to my friends who were with me and one ran with a cutlass whiles I was still struggling to hold onto the huge snake.

“I instructed him to chop its head off which he did but even after that the python was still fighting to escape so we got more hands to come in and help and eventually managed to cut his head off completely”.

He added that there are lots more of such pythons that needed to be weeded out of the area.

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