Monday 18 July 2016

#UK weather: #Britain bakes in the sunshine as #summer arrives at last with tomorrow due to be even hotter

Thermometers are expected to record temperatures of 34 tomorrow after hitting 31 degrees over parts of the country today

The week got off to scorching start as the mini heat-wave continued bringing temperatures of 31C to parts of the UK.

And it is set to get even hotter, with the hottest day of the year predicted for Tuesday.
Thermometers are expected to rocket to 34C with Government officials have issuing health warnings due to the extreme heat.

But the hot and humid air is expected to trigger thunderstorms across much of the UK from Tuesday evening until late on Wednesday, with a severe weather warning for rain and the possibility of flash-flooding.

With the warm weather expected to last until the end of Wednesday, PHE is advising a common-sense approach to dealing with the heatwave.

People are urged to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, close curtains to keeps rooms cool, open windows and avoid people and animals being left in closed, parked vehicles that can get extremely hot.

And it wasn't just mere mortals enjoying the sunshine, as Prince Charles was seen out and about in the heat.

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