Sunday 16 October 2016

AYOADE SERIOUS? Richard Ayoade lined up to replace Mel & Sue after Channel 4 move

THE quirky banter between hosts MEL GEIDROYC and SUE PERKINS helped make The Great British Bake Off the biggest programme on TV.

And after nicking the show from the BBC, Channel 4 are following the same recipe.

I’ve learned that left-field British comic RICHARD AYOADE has become the frontrunner to host the Bake Off when it switches channels.

Richard, who shot to fame on hit sitcoms Nathan Barley and the IT Crowd, has become a C4 staple thanks to his regular appearances on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and currently hosts their documentary series Travel Man.

His dry sense of humour has led bosses to believe he would be the perfect fit to fill Mel and Sue’s shoes.

A source said: “Richard is a really popular choice at the minute, as many think he’s got a great character that would bring a great spark to the show.

“He’s got a wonderful off-beat sense of humour, which would really fit the change of channel – and would no doubt be a popular choice with viewers too.

“It’s still early days, but he is definitely up there and now the leading candidate.”

If Richard gets the gig, he would be joined by PAUL HOLLYWOOD, who was the only original Bake Off star to jump ship from the BBC to Channel 4 after makers Love Productions sold the show for £75million last month.

The broadcaster are looking for another expert and two hosts after MARY BERRY refused to leave the Beeb along with Mel and Sue.

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