Sunday 23 October 2016

BBC's Poldark sparks controversy after scene is toned down in which Elizabeth tells him to stop THREE times

Tonight's episode of runaway BBC success Poldark features controversial scenes of Ross confronting his ex Elizabeth, at home, carrying her into her bedroom and raping her, while she says 'no' THREE times.

The scene is written in the 1953 source novel Warleggen, by Winston Graham, as a rape scene.

Back in August, Aidan Turner , who plays the central character, said of the scene: "It seems consensual. He goes to talk, [not] to commit a crime."

The scene was not toned down for the 1970s TV adaptation of the book, which was was also screened on the BBC.

In the book itself, Poldark grabs Elizabeth – who dumped him for his cousin in the first series – and kisses her after smashing his way into her home.

Elizabeth says: "Please leave now, Ross. I am my own mistress and I will not be instructed."

When she accuses him of treating her "like a s**t," he snarls: "It's time you were so treated," and forces her onto a bed.

The scene in the novel has Elizabeth telling Ross: "Stop! Stop, I tell you."

The book continues: "But he took no further notice. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed."

Elizabeth falls pregnant with Ross' child after the attack.

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