Sunday 16 October 2016

GUNPOWDER CLOTS Nick Clegg and pro-EU MPs blasted for attempt to “subvert” democracy by trying to delay Brexit

NICK CLEGG and a band of pro-EU MPs were attacked for trying “subvert” democracy today after saying they hoped to delay a Brexit by nearly a YEAR.

The ex-Lib Dem chief said it would be a “very good thing” if Theresa May was forced to wait before invoking the so-called Article 50 – triggering divorce talks with the EU.

The extraordinary move came as Mr Clegg and a cross-party group of MPs demanded Parliament was given a veto over the details of the Prime Minister’s Brexit negotiating strategy.

This would force Theresa May to detail her hand to Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP in the Commons before going into battle with Brussels to thrash out the terms of the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

Arch Eurosceptic Tory MP Steve Baker said such a demand was “nonsense”.

He told the Sun: “Imagine buying a house and telling the seller how much you’d be prepared to pay? Imagine sending an Army into battle but giving your plans to the enemy?”

Nick Clegg insisted he wasn’t trying to re-run the Referendum.

He said it was crucial that Brexit was pursued in a workable, legal way and one which “doesn’t throw the single market out with the EU bathwater”.

But challenged that a Parliamentary defeat for the PM could delay the launch of Brexit proceedings, he said: “Yes, and by the way that would be a very good thing anyway.

“Theresa May has already made a fundamental tactical error by saying that’s she’s going to trigger Article 50 in March of next year.”

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