Wednesday 26 October 2016

Is this Britain's CHEAPEST family home?

Couple build a three-bedroom eco-house for just £27,000 using reclaimed materials

On last week's Grand Designs, builder Paul Rimmer went £200,000 over budget while building his dream eco-home. 

So it seems that he could have learned a think or two from Simon and Jasmine Dale who started their building project with a meagre £500 in the bank. 

This week's episode sees the couple embark on the ambitious task of constructing a sustainable three-bedroom family house in the hills of rural Wales.

The couple had a dream of living off the land with their children Elfie and Cosmo, in the sustainable Lammas community in Pembrokeshire.

The pioneering, government-backed, sustainable village came with a stringent fierce planning condition attached. 

In return for the right to build on open farmland, they had to prove that they had become self-sufficient on their seven acre plot within five years, or be forced to move on.

Undeterred by the enormity of the task ahead, Simon shared his plans with presenter Kevin McCloud explaining they wanted to live an outdoor lifestyle and live off the land.  

On top of their south facing plot, he planned to excavate 12 feet into the hillside and build a retaining wall along the back, made from sandbags filled with the excavated earth.  

Floors would be made from rammed earth, polished and hardened with linseed oil and the structure from round timber poles, using wood grown, felled, prepared and sawn by Simon.

The same poles were set to make up the roof, covered by a damp proof membrane and a sheep's wool insulation with grass on top for further insulation. 

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