Monday 17 October 2016

Marilu Henner's Legs Make Derek Hough Say "Dang, Girl," But Will They Be Her Dancing With the Stars Downfall?

Marilu Henner is heating up Latin Night for her Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough. The pair is doing the Cha Cha set to "Echa Pa'lante" by Thalia, but there may be a little problem or a saving grace, either way it comes down to Marilu's legs.

"Marilu's greatest asset is kind of her downfall in a way with having these beautiful legs because if they're not in the right place then you really see them," 

Marilu wants to heat it up for Latin Night and understandably so. Last week, Most Memorable Year Night, the two danced to "Surprise Yourself" by Jack Garratt and received nines across the board. So close to that elusive perfect score.

"But man, when [her legs] get in the right place, I'm like, ‘Dang, girl.' I shouldn't be looking at her, she's my mom's age, that's weird, right? That's weird, don't talk about that. That was so weird," Derek laughs.

Twenty-nine is the highest score the couple has received and that was with four judges, not three.

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