Thursday 20 October 2016

Plane transporting Made in Chelsea crew crashes in the Pacific as they make their way to film Costa Rica special

A plane carrying crew of television show Made in Chelsea has crashed in the Pacific ahead of a Costa Rica special episode.

It is understood two senior producers and two technical directors were on board the small private plane when it lost control and fell into the sea off Puntarenas.

None of the crew nor the pilot were harmed and all five were rescued by the local coastguard and taken to a nearby hospital for checks.

It is understood the crash came ahead of filming the one-off episode and that filming has now been suspended with all cast and crew to return to the UK.

Some, but not all, of the stars are believed to be in Costa Rica but were either flying or flew in separately to crew. 

None of them were involved in the crash. The aircraft the crew were flying on was named locally as a TI AUJ Cessna 230. 

It is unknown whether or not the incident means the cancellation of the special episode or if filming will be rescheduled. 

A spokesman for NBC Universal International Studios, which owns Made in Chelsea's production company Monkey Kingdom, said: 'Four of our Production Team on Made in Chelsea, produced by Monkey Kingdom, were involved in a plane crash earlier today in a resort in Costa Rica. 

'We can confirm that all four people and the pilot are safe and unhurt. No cast were onboard. 

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