Thursday 20 October 2016

She's a gas! Jesy Nelson leaves Perrie Edwards cringing ..........

as she reveals she doesn't know how bad her wind problem is because she can't SMELL

She has no sense of smell due to complications when she was in the womb.

But Perrie Edward's annoying affliction turns out to be even worse for those around her.

The Little Mix star's bandmate Jesy Nelson has revealed that her inability to smell means she doesn't realise how bad her gas is.

Talking about the embarrassing topic on This Morning, Perrie revealed: 'I wasn’t born with a sense of smell… I don’t know what happened. It’s really bizarre, I can taste and everything.”

Host Phillip Schofield asked, 'If you’re in a lift and somebody [passes wind]...'

Perrie replied, 'I wouldn’t know! I’ll be surrounded by poo particles and I’m unaware!'

Jesy laughed and swooped in, revealing: 'What’s bad is when Perrie does it, she doesn’t know how bad it is!' 

Cringing and covering her face, a red-faced Perrie insisted: 'I don’t do that, I’m a lady!'

Things took a serious turn on the show, however, when the girls' fellow bandmate Jade Thirlwall blasted critics who slammed their sexy stage costumes on The X Factor, saying it's 'double standards' to blast them when men are 'wooed and congratulate' for stripping off.

Appearing on Thursday's episode of This Morning, the 23-year-old singer reasoned: 'It’s a bit double standards, you always see lads with their tops off and everyone congratulates them and woos them, and we get a bit of thigh out and it’s a bit of an issue!'

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