Wednesday 19 October 2016

Tom Cruise Shares a 30-Year-Old Top Gun Secret

Thanks to Kenny Loggins, Tom Cruise made a grand entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday. Loggins performed "Highway to the Danger Zone" from the Top Gun soundtrack as the actor walked onstage. "Tonight is the first time that we met each other," Tom told Jimmy Kimmel "I love his music," he added, rattling off Kenny's other popular songs. "It's just amazing. I heard [the hit song] before it was in the film, and right when he did it. I heard both. It was incredible."

Jimmy had plenty of Top Gun questions at the ready. "Have you seen it recently?" he asked.

"I watch it every day," Tom joked. "Every morning."
It's been 30 years since Top Gun hit theaters. "Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of Top Gun, was here a few months ago, and he was telling a story of how he persuaded you to do the movie by sending you to fly with the Blue Angels," Jimmy said.
"He said that you didn't want to do the movie, and then you got there and you flew with them, and then you were all in. Is that true?"

Tom flashed his famous megawatt smile and replied, "OK, this is really funny. Jerry, I've never told you this story. The truth is that after the first meeting, I met with [director Tony Scott], Jerry and Paramount Pictures. I got in the car and I was flying to New York. I told my agent, 'I'm going to make this movie, but don't tell Jerry I want to make this movie, because I want to fly with the Blue Angels.' You've got work these things, you know? I'm a businessman. Also, I said, 'I want to fly the F-14. I've got to have at least three flights in the F-14. I want all the training.'"

The actor had a feeling his plan would work. "He's such a brilliant producer; I was able to be in every single meeting while we working and developing the script so I could learn from him, to learn more about movies," he said. "He's obviously one of the greatest producers of our time."

"And yet you bamboozled him!" Jimmy joked.

"Yeah, I did," Tom admitted. "I love telling that story."

"Sorry, Jerry," he added. "I forgot you and I never really had that conversation."

Tom was thrilled his plan had worked. But before long, the old adage "be careful what you wish for" to proved true. "He also said you threw up in the plane," Jimmy told Tom. "Is that correct?"

"Yeah, I did," Tom said. "I vomited with the Blue Angels."

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