Wednesday 19 October 2016

Travis Kelce Referees a Trivial Girl Fight Between Two Contestants on Catching Kelce: ''The Petty S--t Has Got to Go''

Travis Kelce is blowing the whistle on two contestants.

In this sneak peek from tonight's all-new episode of Catching Kelce, the NFL star is forced to mediate a trivial argument between Anika and V Rich during a party—and he is obviously not happy about it.

"I see Anika crying," Travis says. "You know I can't have that."

When Travis walks over to comfort her and find out what's wrong, Anika alleges that V Rich threatened to hit her in the car. "To begin to understand V is to try to understand insanity," she says. "It's impossible."

V Rich eventually comes over to assess out the situation and make sure Anika isn't badmouthing her to Travis.

"That's fine, you can tell him, just as long as you are not over here talking about me," V tells Anika. "Because if you're talking about me, I would like to be present so that we can set the record straight."
Meanwhile, Travis begins to get frustrated with the two women's behavior.

"Am I a peer mediator? Not a chance," he says. "I only get so much time with these ladies, so the petty s--t has got to go. It's not fair to these other girls." Whoops!

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