Sunday 23 October 2016

X Factor band Five After Midnight hint at SPLIT after 'serious clash' in rehearsals - Mirror

X Factor act Five After Midnight aren't through to the final yet, but they've already hinted at splitting up.

The band - made up of Kieran Alleyne, Jordan Lee, and Nathan Lewis - appeared in a pre-recorded clip on the programme and suggested there's been a lot of conflict within the group.

Choreographer Brian Friedman said: "They are not agreeing, they're standing around and I don't know how you would come together for something when you aren't even talking. They're eating up my time."

Mentor Louis Walsh later asked his act how they were getting on with rehearsals, and their answer wasn't too positive.

Band member Kieran said: "It's just like real brothers, sometimes you all hate each other and sometimes you love each other.

You're literally like 'give me my space, please people.'"

Nathan then added: "Having to work with each other, be at home with each other as well, there's a lot of pressure."

Louis told them he's looked after a lot of bands and it's not always easy due to the pressure of performing, but reassured them they're doing "amazingly good".

But Simon Cowell wasn't too impressed with their performance on Saturday night after they took to the stage to sing Amy Winehouse's Valerie.

He said: "I'm a fan, you know that. I think your first two weeks have been incredible, I'm going to be honest with you guys. This was terrible. It was absolutely terrible. It was like a rehearsal." Ouch.

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