Thursday 20 October 2016

Young Man Dies In His Sleep Barely A Week After His NYSC Passing Out - Photos

It's a moment of sadness for the family of  young man, Adeolu Osusan, who passed away on Wednesday, Oct 19th (yesterday) just a week after finishing his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Adeolu who was reportedly sick -went to bed and never woke up again. May his soul rest in peace.

His close friend shared the sad news via her social media page yesterday;
Day has been shattered and tears filled. You were humble in all your ways. My brother from another mother, my everything. You supported me from Sunday school days, you watched me grow into a strong lady.

Even when I entered babcock university, you handed over all your textbooks and connected me to the ryt people. On your convocation day, I remembered I cried and you held me saying 'I'm not alone and you would always support me till the very end'

During my final year, you sat down to vet my project page by page, drafted out my questionnaire for me. You supported me every morning and night just for me to make it in life.

During your service year, you sent me money just to make sure I'm comfortable. Me becoming a queen today was also your idea and your support. You were the first to congratulate me via phone call. You were the first to call me Queen
Even last week we celebrated your passing out of Nysc and you promised to contribute money for my new phone. UNTIL THIS MORNING YOU LEFT US can't believe I watched you get buried @plus_benis

I love you brother but God loves you more.
R.I.P Adeolu Osusan

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