Tuesday 13 December 2016

Enenche Enenche Replies Mike Bamiloye - It Is Not A Sin To Invite Comedians To Church

Popular Comedian, Enenche Obonyilo Peters, otherwise known as Enenche Enenche has fired back at the founder of Mt. Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye over his recent claim that it was wrong for pastors to invite comedians to church during programmes.

According to the Agara Nla actor, it was not funny at all for pastors to bring in comedians who end up mocking God, the Bible and the Holy Spirit in the name of cracking jokes. Reacting, however, Enenche Enenche said Bamiloye spoke from human angle, adding that there was nothing wrong if comedians were invited to church to cracks jokes just to make people laugh.

According to Enenche,

“I have read Bro Mike’s views on comedians and the church. I respect his views and would like to categorically state here that he is entitled to his views.
“I know of countless firebrand tongue speaking comedians, the Holy Spirit with them in their check. Like me for example; there are certain words or jokes that can’t fall off my mouth, either by mistake or in the dream.
It's a Sin 

“Bro Mike should know that no man can manifest beyond his spirit level (Capacity), his emphases should not be comedians in church, but growing the Spirit man of those around church, so that certain things can’t come out.

“When I see Holy Spirit inspired comedy, I know. When spirit meets spirit, they recognize themselves.

“To be sincere, comedy like every other profession has human errors, limitations and deficiencies.

“The fact that we have questionable prophets, does not mean that the office of the prophet should be scrapped.

“The fact that we have pastors messing up on the altars, doesn’t mean that all pastors should not go to church again.

“I think that drama is not marketing in churches again, so Bro Mike is trying to shift attention to his merchandise. Like drama and comedy, both tell story, both have message.

“Bro Mike should have emphasized on the sources and types of storylines comedy is out to bring, instead of outright cutting off of comedians.

“I had an issue with one of Abuja’s greatest Pentecostal preachers in 2011, and since then I stopped going around him, or climb his altar and since then I never lacked platforms either.

“I would pray, mount his platform and activate laughter, people would laugh, but he would summon me, look for a negligible “error” , magnify it and use it to water me down.

“In my analysis, this attitude repeated thrice at three different occasions. He won’t give you transport, he would call you and water you down, just because you didn’t call ‘Daddy’ during the comedy.

“I have looked at this great preacher from a distance for 5 years, I discovered over the years that he is not a comedy person. As large as his followers are, he has not raised even one comedian. His church always look outside to source for comedians when the need arises.

“The comedians they invite didn’t fall from heaven, someone somewhere else tolerated them and nurture them into maturity.

“They can’t rise not because they don’t have the means, but they lack the will to tolerate and grow you… in short it is part of their brand to cut you off at the slightest “mistake”.

“The truth is that, if the church can’t step up her game to grow the spirit man of the comedians around church, instead build walls around altars against them, the world is eagerly waiting to construct bridge for them from church to hell.

“I saw this coming, that’s while I told the world that I am not a gospel comedian, we don’t have secular bankers and gospel bankers, secular soldiers and gospel soldiers… I am a Christian and a comedian. Holy spirit is my gauge.

“As for The Experience 11 comedy he made mentioned of, I was not in support of that joke. I blame the organisers for that. The joke was not suitable for the sensibility and sensitivity of the gatherings.

“Well the church is my home. She is the place I get equipped to manifest to the world. I am not called to the church, but to the world. If Bro. Mike and Co banish me from the church, I would use the spirit within me to face the world.

“Whatsoever thing that is of God, overcomes the World (Including Bro. Mike and Co.)”

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