Saturday 31 December 2016

I was removed in 1985 for ignoring IMF, World Bank advice- Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday recalled reasons for his removal as military Head of State in 1985.

According to him, his refusal to adhere to an advice from the IMF, World Bank to devalue the naira and increase prices of fuel and flour, led to the coup against him.

Buhari spoke on Friday night when he was hosted in Abuja by the Army at the Guards Brigade Regimental Dinner and presented with the captured Boko Haram flag.

” I refused and gave my reasons and the next thing I knew I was removed and detained for three and half years.

“As a civilian president I will do my best and I’m telling you all these because you are part of the leadership of this great country and God willing we will remain great.”

President Buhari, who narrated his early military life in Abeokuta and subsequent redeployment to Zaire (now Congo), said he was almost killed while on duty even before getting his first salary as an officer.

He said stated he was conversant with the problems of the military having spent over 25 years in the service.

President Buhari has challenged the Nigerian Army to ensure the unity of the country despite what he described as “political madness in the North East, the Niger Delta or in the East” of the country.

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