Thursday 15 December 2016

MMM Participant Slumps And Dies In Bank Over N1.5M Payment

The freezing of active accounts by the administrators of the MMM Scam in Nigeria has reportedly claimed another life after a man was alleged to have committed suicide.  At least one person was feared dead while several others were wounded in a stampede at various banks in Warri, Delta State, after the promoters of the popular Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) suspended the accounts of about 3 million Nigerian participants.

It was learnt that the participants of the Ponzi scheme, who heard about the announcement yesterday, rushed to their banks out of wild fantasy of a last minute financial transaction reversal.
The people were reported to have recently 'provided help' to other members of the scheme while others sought confirmation of their matured proceeds.

Investigation shows that in one of the busiest banks in Warri metropolis, an elderly man, who was expected to cash N1.5 million slumped and died when he could not cash the money. Two other persons, who slumped in the same manner, were quickly revived by sympathisers. Scores of others sustained serious injuries as they rushed to get their hard earn money.

Bank officials refused to speak on the issue. Meanwhile, hoodlums and other unscrupulous people were cashing in on the confusion and rowdy situation to extort money and rob customers who have continued to besiege banks.

This report is yet to be independently verified by news correspondents of Tori News working assiduously to fulfil their social responsibilities to the general public.

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