Saturday 24 December 2016

Wicked Policewoman Pours Teargas On Sister In Law Over Suspected Husband Snatching

A female police officer (pictured above) known as Ifedoyin Adeniyi, who serve under the Police Headquarters, Obalende division has allegedly tear gassed her sister-in-law Abiola Oladipupo, a fashion designer after she accused her of having an affair with her hubby who happens to be her own brother.

A fight ensued on Friday 16th, December 2016, after Adeniyi, reportedly stormed Abiola's shop at No. 13, Alade Street Somolu Lagos.

According to eyewitnesses, Adeniyi who has allegedly said three other women on the street were also having an affair with her man - Muyiwa, also attacked one Iya Fawas, who sells grains in a small shop along the road.

Speaking about her ordeal. Abiola said, "I have suffered so much for Doyin's family for her to have accused me of sleeping with my own brother. 

I remember my impact on the day of their wedding, though I was sick, I still found time to travel far to her place. She stormed my shop after she left Iya Fawas’ place and sprayed the tear gas into my face."

Meanwhile, it was claimed that the issue was reported at Alade Police Station, but Adeniyi was freed following her position as a police officer. Abiola who is still nursing the wound on her face has now taken to social media to demand justice.

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