Thursday 15 December 2016

Witch Found NaKed After Falling From The Sky - Photos

A n*ked alleged witch which fell from the sky, has narrowly escaped lynching from an angry mob and some local residents who were shocked at the discovery. The residents of local community in Greenfield near Thokoza, Ekurhuleni in Zimbabwe, woke up with a shock discovery of an alleged n*ked witch sitting crying on a bench.
While narrating the shocking incident to a correspondent, a 41-year-old woman, Precious Sithole, known as Sangoma Dabulamanzi, said she found the maponapona woman at 2.30am in her yard.
 She said she was doing a ceremony with her thwasas to thank the ancestors when they heard strange noises in the yard.
“I sent some thwasas to check and they came back to tell me there was a n*ked woman in the yard,”
said Dabulamanzi.

Speaking further, the woman said the woman had come to bewitch her, adding that her house is protected by strong muthi and no enemies could bring harm to her. 
iHarare reported that she is now demanding a cow and a goat so she can perform a ceremony to clean her yard.

“I want this woman to pay for the damage she has caused to my ancestors.”

Meanwhile the n*ked 32-year-old woman who confessed to the Police who saved her from lynching by an angry mob, claimed she was sent by another sangoma to steal ancestral powers from Dabulamanzi.

“I get paid to do dirty work for the sangoma who uses me. I have never been caught before,” she said.
She said she couldn’t do what she was supposed to do because she found a big river and a snake tried to swallow her. “I was scared. That’s when I started crying for help and people in the yard heard me.”

A resident in the area, Claudius Ndlovu, said he never thought he would live to see something like this. “I used to hear stories about strange happenings but I never believed them. Now, I believe in them,”
he said.

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