Wednesday 18 January 2017

Man Needs Your Help, Says Hidden Number Warned Him To Stay Away from His Wife's Bed

The man shared his story on our confession platform seeking for help. According to him, he has been left in a dilemma after a hidden number called him and warned him to stop eating his wife's food. He revealed that the voice warning him was that of a man.
 He also said the voice warned him not to go near his wife's bed. This has since left him confused and scared of what the future holds.
 Below is how he told the story:

I need help and ideas on how best to handle this situation I found myself in. Two days ago, I received a call from a hidden number and the caller whose voice I could not recognize told me to monitor my home well because things are falling apart in my absence.
The caller also advised me to stop eating my wife's food for now unless i want to die. That I should stay away from her food and her bed and I tried to find out who I was speaking with but the person cut the call. It was a male voice.

 I have been confused ever since.  My wife has been a good person and a serious church member so I find it hard to see where and what the call came from and what the caller was implying. asking me to stop eating her food means that she is probably seeing someone else but I dont want to believe that my wife is capable of such evil. 
 Honestly I dont know what to do but I have decided to do some investigation so please I need help from any reliable and discreet person or company within in Lagos who sells secret CAMERA and microphone systems and I will also need the services of a private investigator too. Make no mistake about this. 
 I Love and trust my wife but it is only a foolish man who will hear such a thing and fold his hands. but I still want the opinion of people. Should I ignore this anonymous tip off or should go ahead with my plan. Thank you and please keep me anonymous

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