Sunday 8 January 2017

Sid Owen's jaw-dropping NINE-BEDROOM French mansion leaves Through The Keyhole viewers in awe

Former EastEnders star Sid Owen's beautiful French mansion left Through The Keyhole viewers in disbelief on Saturday night. 

The ITV show's host Keith Lemon conducted a tour of the home as the celebrity panel back in the studio attempted to guess which famous name it belonged to.

Located in the south of France, Sid's nine-bedroom converted farmhouse complete with swimming pool impressed Judge Rinder, who praised the owner's taste.\

The main open-plan living area contained a pool table, pinball machine and bar, while elsewhere in the house was signed artwork from Ronnie Wood and Al Pacino.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to state their disbelief at the scale of the star's property. 

One asked: 'How's @sidowen5 got a gaff like that!!?? Eastenders pays well!'

Another wrote: 'How the f**k has sidowen got that gaff#rickyyyyyy #throughthekeyhole'

A third posted: '#throughthekeyhole f***ing hell how much did eastenders pay him @sidowen5 love the gaff!! @lemontwittor'

While one said: '#throughthekeyhole How o earth did Sid Owen get that place, he hasn't been on TV for yonks!!'

There was also plenty of praise for Sid, with one saying: 'Wow @sidowen5 what a house that is stunning.., well done u'

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