Sunday 8 January 2017

Susanna Reid, 46, discusses her 'very strong friendship' with her ex for the sake of their children...

.... as she insists she's not ready to date just yet

She's one of the most desirable women on British television.

But Susanna Reid, 46, still isn't in a rush to find a man three years on from her split from ex Dominic Cotton.

The Good Morning Britain host told The Sun's Fabulous magazine that the pair have maintained a firm friendship since going their separate ways in a bid to keep their three sons happy.

While Dominic began a relationship with Adela Straughan in 2014, Susanna has admitted she's not looking for love just yet, telling the magazine: 'I’m not dating, and right now it feels like absolutely the right thing to be single and independent. It’s a positive choice.

'I am now in a position where I can be with my children as much as I possibly can, because work is in a really good place, and both of those things take up my energy, time and love. I can’t imagine who has the time to then start a new relationship. My goodness…

'I genuinely feel the happiest I’ve ever been. There will be plenty of time for... anything else… later, later, later.'

News of the couple's split emerged in February 2014, when Dominic posted a profile on a dating website.

However, Susanna explained at the time that he was entitled to do so as they had already ended their relationship despite still living together. 

The journalist began 2017 in confident fashion, sharing a make-up free comparison selfie with her Instagram followers.

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