Sunday 12 February 2017

#BBNaija Day 20: Distrust Builds, As Alliances Become Glaring

After the #BBNaija housemates lost their 75% wager, the distrust among the Housemates became glaring despite Biggie trying to bring them together by making them share a onesie for several hours.

Some major events have happened in the #BBNaija house that has potentially caused rifts between the Housemates and which may have far reaching consequences.

Every single one of the housemates know that Efe and ThinTallTony are not only bedmates but also close buddies.

Captain Efe proved this by saving his buddy from been put up for Eviction by swapping him out for Gifty.

More so, the duo seem to be fond of Marvis and Bisola respectively as the couples have shown through kisses, lap dances and intimate conversations.

The bond between the couples was even made tighter by #BBNaija fans who had the four of them paired up for the onesie task.

This made the pair of Efe and Marvis, Bisola and ThintallTony to grow more intimate with one another, making them form some sort of clique or alliance.

Another evident alliance in the House is that of Uriel, Bally and Kemen. During last Sunday’s eviction, TBoss, Gifty and even Debbie-Rise were most affected, with them breaking down in tears after both Soma and Miyonse got eliminated in a surprise double eviction.

Few of their Housemates however empathised with them with Kemen telling Debbie Rise to go “take a walk” if she was feeling emotional.

He went on to confide in Uriel and Bally, saying he felt there were a lot of “actresses” in the House who were only pretending to be sad.

Uriel and Bally agreed, adding that these “fake people” weren’t going to last long in the competition. The three housemates then went ahead to spend quite some time talking about the other Housemates behind their backs.

It seemed more than just a coincidence during Mondays nominations as the housemates that belonged to neither of the two camps got nominated for Eviction.

This seems to have set the stage for newer alliances as the competition hots up.

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