Saturday 25 February 2017

Bellew: Haye Is A Disgrace To Boxing

David Haye has sent serious threats to Tony Bellew ahead of their fight and the cruiserweight champion believes Haye is a disgrace to the sport.

The pair have exchanged back and forth comments ahead of their fight on March 4 at The O2.

They’ve been separated before at a press conference in November and had to be separated on an episode of The Gloves Are Off recently.

Asked about Haye’s pre-fight antics, Bellew exclusively told Sky Sports: “He’s a disgrace. It’s not the way we want our sport to be perceived. We’re not in the dark ages.

“I’m trying to give it a good image. I’m not the best one to do it, because I’ve done some stupid things. I only speak the truth. He’s just an idiot, he doesn’t think before he speaks.

“I’ve got no malice or real nastiness in me to say these vicious, horrible things.

“He carries the sport in a bad way. I’m not saying I’m a saint by any stretch of the imagination, because I’m not, but I’m nowhere near this clown’s level. He is just a disgrace to boxing.”

“If he loses to me, it will be the worst thing that has ever happened to him,” said Bellew. “But like I say, I’ll give him the rematch.

“If he loses to me, his rep and his ego have just been eaten, and I’ll enjoy it when I put salt and pepper on them after I’ve finished.”

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