Saturday 25 February 2017

Fabregas Says He Is Staying At Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas has confirmed he’s staying at Chelsea next season and will not be leaving, according to popular opinion.

Fabregas has been linked with a move to China and also to the MLS , having started just five Premier League games this season.

However, Fabregas does not plan on leaving the Premier League leaders, who are eight points clear atop the table.

“100 per cent. I am not thinking about anything else than challenging myself here. The situation from six months ago to now has changed massively,” Fabregas told Sky Sports when asked if he sees himself at Chelsea in 2017-18.

“From the beginning it has been a big challenge and there are always rumours, you cannot stop that, but I don’t even care what people say. Not for one second did I want to leave.

“Sometimes it’s so easy, you don’t play two games, you get frustrated and upset and want to move somewhere else, but for me it’s the opposite; I want to challenge myself.

“I know in my brain what I can do and if I am better than others or not. I know what I can bring to this team and by improving and listening to the manager and what he wants and doesn’t want, I know myself what I can give.

“I have been proving myself every time I have had a chance and I will not stop until I play every game which is what I want.”

Fabregas and Chelsea are at home to Swansea City on Saturday.

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