Thursday 16 February 2017

Married Man Bathes Lady With Acid In Lagos For Refusing To Be Second Wife (PHOTO)

A married man, Mr. Chidi Nbosiadinjo, has been accused of hiring two thugs to pour a bucket of acid one Miss Ogochukwu Nwosu, his girlfriend, wis second wife. The report revealed that the incident took place at about 7pm on 6 October, 2016 at Ilasa bus stop in Lagos State as Ogochukwu returned from work. Speaking after the incident, a relative of Ogochukwu who witnessed the acid attack said it was carried out by two men, who came on a motorcycle. The one with the bucket of acid jumped down and drenched Ogochukwu with the corrosive substance.
 It was gathered that the woman's family had a cordial relationship with Nbosiadinjo who according to Mr. Peter Nwosu, a brother to Ogochukwu, said Mr. Nbosidianijo helped the first son secure a Malaysian visa after he had been duped four times.
"Mr. Nbosodianijo helped our eldest brother get an original Malaysian visa after our brother tried four times and was duped. Somebody introduced us to him and he connected my brother to someone who eventually helped in getting original visa. Since then, he became a part of the family and our neighbors know him as such," he said.

 It was gathered that Mr. Nbosidianijo, who is married with two kids, proposed to Ogochukwu after about two years of dating, but knowing he is married, she turned down the marriage proposal. 

This made him angry and he allegedly vowed that he would not let Ogochukwu marry another man because he had spent so much money on her. 

"He said if he can't marry her, another person will not marry her. He said he cannot sow for another man to reap," Mr. Peter explained.
 Ogochukwu's mother was also said to have told Mr. Nbosidianijo to obtain the approval of his wife to take another wife. She said her daughter's life was being threatened by Mr. Nbosidinajo's wife. Ogochukwu's brother said he was told by a neighbor that he saw Mr. Nbosidinajo with two men loitering around the victim's house at Lawason, Lagos a day before the attack.
"A day before the sad event took place, one of our neighbors saw Mr. Nbosidinajo on the decking of our house at Lawason in Surulere late in the evening. He was said to have pointed at our room. This neighbor told our mother and when our mother called Mr. Nbosidinajo to confirm if he came to our house, he admitted that he came. Before that, Ogochukwu also told us that he had gone to her photographer's place to collect one of her pictures," said Peter Nwosu.
 He added that Mr. Nbosidinajo's wife called a few hours after the attack to say Ogochukwu had not seen anything yet. "That he said my sister wouldn't be able to marry another if she doesn't marry him and his wife calling to issue fresh threats show that the husband and wife ordered the attack," said Peter Nwosu. Since the attack, Ogochukwu has undergone five major surgeries, and she is preparing for another to open her eyes, which remain shut.o open her eyes, which remain shut.
 Mr. Peter revealed that the case was reported to Itire Police Station after which it was transferred to Alagbon Police Station where both Mr. and Mrs. Nbosidinajo were arrested and released a couple of days later.

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