Sunday 5 February 2017

Turkish Police Arrest 400 ISIS Suspects In ‘Coordinated Nationwide Raid’ Against Jihadis

Operatives of the Turkish anti-terror police on Sunday arrested 400 suspected ISIS terrorists in a major nation-wide anti-terror clampdown. 

At least 60 suspected Jihadis were detained in the capital Ankara, while 150 were arrested in Sanliurfa province near the Syrian border, just over a month after a terror attack on Istanbul which claimed the lives of 39 people.

Those held were mainly foreign nationals, Anadolu news agency said.

Thirty-nine people, mainly foreigners, were killed on New Year day when an Islamic State member opened fire inside the Reina night club in Istanbul.

In the latest police operations, 30 alleged Islamic State militants were detained in simultaneous counter-terror operations in Konya province, and 10 others were held in Adiyaman province.

Police also detained 18 suspects in Kocaeli and Istanbul, 47 in Gaziantep and 46 others in Bursa province.

In addition to the latest arrests, Turkey says at least 780 people, including 350 foreigners, remain in detention – some of whom have been convicted – over suspected links to the jihadist group.

One of the suspects detained in Izmir – a Syrian identified only as E.A. – is said to have been in touch with smugglers in a bid to help the ISIS members escape to Europe, Anadolu said.

Another 14 foreigners were due to be deported, including 10 children.

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