Saturday 4 March 2017

Big Girl Runs Mad, Roams The Street Without Cloths Causing Traffic - Photos

Some people got an eyeful recently after a beautiful big girl ran mad and and began walking on the streets totally neykked while clutching her expensive handbag.

It was alleged that the girl suddenly became mad after leaving a hotel she had visited her man friend.
Narrating the story on Facebook, someone wrote:

A lady who was invited into an hotel for whatever reason. At the end of the function, as she was leaving the hotel, she suddenly became mad and undressed herself.
“A serious lesson for nowadays ladies, particularly aristoes (yoyo-ladies). They should be careful of whom and where they visit.

“May God continue to protect us all, against these evil minded and desperate people.”

The incident forced a crowd to gather while watching the drama play out. 

She was later helped by a group of young men who covered her Nakkedness and got her help.

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